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We offer flexible plans that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. Please speak to the team about your requirements, and we'd be delighted to provide a custom quote.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to already be using a packing slip?

Slippy is a blank canvas and can be used for marketing, gifting and improving your customer experience. If you don't use a packing slip in your fulfilment process you can still use all of the other features to impress customers.

Do you integrate with my 3PL or WMS?

Every process is different, but slippy can connect to most major platforms. Custom solutions can be built using the slippy public API. If you're not sure if your software will be able to connect, please reach out to the team for more information.

How long does it take to setup?

Onboarding time varies, and depends on your process and availability. One slippy customer launched just over a week from their initial enquiry.

Do I need to buy my own printer?

Your subscription includes access to the slippy platform, print automation, and our range of integrations. We will recommend a suitable printer based on your expected print volumes and preferred print finish, or can source it on your behalf if you would prefer. We can also provide the recommended paper and toner, and provide ongoing support and maintenance.