Turn your unboxing into a marketing

Turn your unboxing

into a marketing

channel with

channel with

100% open rates

100% open rates

Print personalized inserts while you pick and pack

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A personalized printed marketing insert with product recommendations and QR codes

iOS 14 has made it much harder to find new customers.

With Android updates on the way, this isn’t going to get any easier. So you need to find a way to retain the customers you already have. But that is easier said than done...

a personalized printed package insert

Traditional retention channels are out of context, and have terrible engagement.

On average only 1 in 5 emails get opened. SMS is much better, but there’s only so many ways you can make a text message on brand. So what do you do?

Meet slippy.

Personalized prints in eCommerce orders

automated and optimized, as easily as email.

a personalized printed package insert
Jess is a first time customer
Viewed discounts on website
Aged between 18 and 25
Third purchase of ground coffee
Selected preferred grind at checkout
Hasn't signed up for subscription





Olivia has sent Rose a birthday gift from Akai. Because it is a gift order, they offer to exchange it for an alternative product in case it isn't quite right, and have included Liv’s gift message. Akai have a flow for if someone named Rose receives a rose mask to update the heading text, because they found that it increased brand loyalty.

Imani loved the free moisturiser sample Akai sent with her second order, and is back for her third purchase. Akai want to upsell her to a subscription, so offer her first month for free. To encourage referrals and UGC, they’ve asked for a shoutout on Instagram. The turmeric mask is prepared differently to the last two masks Amani tried, so the instruction graphic is updated.

Lucy has just placed her first order with Akai for a seaweed powder skin mask. To grab her attention, Akai use her name and a picture of the product. After A/B testing several retention strategies, they recommended a similar product and offered a 20% discount on Lucy’s second order, that could be claimed by scanning the QR code and joining the mailing list.

The result?

Delighted customers and increased sales

for eCommerce stores and the 3PLs that power them.

eCommerce stores

Third party logistics

Increase retention and LTV

Enriching and optimizing the customer unboxing experience can increase customer retention by 14%, and life time value by over 24%.

Grow revenue, profit, and volume

In an industry with tight margins, slippy allows 3PLs to make more money with every order. And the retention uplift means you’ll grow with your clients.

Improve customer reviews

Customers love brands with personality. Slippy prints have been referenced in hundreds of five star reviews.

Win and retain more clients

Stores work with 3PLs that enable them. Our white label platform allows you to provide new value and separate your business from the competition.

Reduce interteam dependancy

Marketing and customer experience teams have live access to create, schedule, and update campaigns without needing to work with fulfilment.

Reduce SKUs and inventory

Stop managing thousands of pre-printed generic marketing inserts and print personalized inserts exactly when you need them.

We have been using this app for about 2 months now and we are so so pleased. Originally we introduced it in order to have all of our gift messages automatically printed for us and now not only are we using it for that purpose, it has also allowed us to roll out a new customer retention scheme. We’re super excited for more updates and to see where this app can take us.

Beth Swan - Daisy Jewellery

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