Surprise and delight, made simple

Effortless marketing inserts for eCommerce stores and 3PLs.

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A personalized printed marketing insert with product recommendations and QR codes

So how does it work?

You can print almost anything with slippy

Beautiful, branded templates in minutes

using a range of pre-made components

Flows connect each order with the perfect template

based on customer and order information

Each template prints automatically at dispatch

slippy integrates seamlessly with your fulfilment flow

Every print is a blank canvas

to nurture, educate, and entertain your customers

Hover over the labels for more information
A printed marketing inserts with a handwritten note, and packing slip information

Select components from the library, or build your own from flexible primitives

Personalized text with merge fields
address customers by name, or use customer and order information to make your message stand out
Order information and product images
choose from a range of order list templates or design your own, with our drag and drop editor
AI powered handwriting
pseudo-handwritten messages that look exactly like the real thing, and can be used for thank you notes or gift messages
QR codes and scan tracking
great to take customers to upsell opportunities or  complimentary content, tracked natively through slippy
Shipping information
connect your eCommerce platform and WMS to sync shipping information to include on your print
Scan to print barcode
connect your fulfilment software and trigger a shipping label to print when scanned
Automatic gift messages
pulled directly from your checkout and dynamically sized to fill the page perfectly
Integrated returns management
connect your returns management software to make it easy for customers to return unwanted items
Dynamic product images and recommendations
automatically use graphics that relate to the products purchased, or to recommend similar products

How does this fit in with your fulfilment process?

We’ve worked with some of the world's largest and most demanding 3PLs to create six fulfilment flows that you can adapt to your process and tech stack. Speak to our specialists to find out how you can integrate seamless print automation with your facility.

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